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Rabelo Alvim is a joint venture between Machado Rabelo, Leonardo Alvim and Leroy Miranda Law Firms.

Rabelo Alvim is created through the combination of the expertise of three highly-qualified Brazilian Law Firms and presents a diverse and well-prepared team of attorneys internationally renowned and specialized in the legal areas suitable for assisting companies in Brazil and abroad.

Machado Rabelo

Founded in 1999 and internationally renowned for its strong performance in Credit Recovery in Brazil, Machado Rabelo Attorneys-at-Law provides legal counseling with excellency for clients from many different countries, especially in the areas of Corporate Law, International Law and Credit Recovery in Brazil.

Leonardo Alvim

Founded in 2010, Leonardo Alvim Advogados relies on the 20 year experience in Tax Law of its name partner. The services provided by Leonardo Alvim already included Tax Law, Civil Law, Corporation Law, Labor Law and Commercial Law. Now this thorough approach towards assisting companies in Brazil by attending to their every need is completed through the creation of Rabelo Alvim.

Leroy & Miranda

Leroy & Miranda Attorneys at Law provides focuses on strategic litigations and on atteding its clients expectations of personalized and highly qualified legal service. Its team allies profound academic knowledge of the Law with a dinamic practical experience with litigations in Brazil. Leroy & Miranda adds substance and innovation to Rabelo Alvim, allowing it to be ahead of legislative and technological transformations.


O Rabelo Alvim joined Globaladvocaten in 2018, representing it in Brazil and South America. Globaladvocaten is an international network of leading law firms. Established in 1990, the network includes over 800 lawyers working in over 20 countries.

Know more about Globaladvocaten and check our page Rabelo Alvim in its website.


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